World Wide Women

The project is called www.World-Wide-Women WWW1, WWW2, WWW3: Three Powerful Women of Beauty, Nature and Life stand, each shining with her own kind of energy, to remind you that the Universe is on your side the moment you wake up and open your heart.

The Purpose

World-Wide-Women is connected to Penduka Namibia as its cause of choice. Penduka (“to wake up” in Oshiwambo) brings hope and encourages the women to wake up, take the lead, gain self-confidence. Penduka is a social enterprise and training centre for local, less privileged women in Namibia.

After skill training, the artisans become part of the Penduka Village production team, earning a fair income from sales of their unique products. As a broad range of skills and services are offered, the Penduka women grow with their work, learning its different aspects and processes. Those with entrepreneurial skills will be supported to start up on their own. For every World Wide Woman sold, Penduka will receive 1/3 of the income.

The Artist

Irene’s paintings have touched the souls of people around the globe. Her art has travelled countries and continents: Italy, Hungary, Switzerland, Germany, Malta, Kenya, Namibia, Ethiopia, South Africa. She even got a canvas stolen in the city of Art: Florence. What an honour! Proud mother of three, she will always believe in the universal power of love.

The Art

Buying this art will help empower & improve the future of Namibian women. Together, we can make the world a better place.

Proof of Impact
with every Purchase