Dog Heart

The Dogheart was created after meeting up with the crew at We Art Love. The heart subject has been one of interest to Miloman during the evolution of the character and the original was painted on a thick-edged canvas using acrylic paint and ink. Like all Miloman’s work, it had been sketched or painted before levelling up the image digitally.

The Dogheart is simple. It POPS. Each print offers a different coloured background and presently a different coloured heart. A dog head-boned arrow here penetrates the image. Here symbolising the love and also the pain most dogs endure during their lifetime.

The Purpose

Dog Heart is connected to Association for Abandoned Animals (AAA Malta) as its cause of choice. Their mission is to rescue and shelter the poor abandoned and neglected animals in our community. AAA focus on making the maximum positive impact on the lives of our rescued dogs.

They are the voice of these loving creatures and will aim to find good homes to as many of our rescued dogs as possible. By purchasing Miloman’s artwork, you are not only acquiring a beautiful piece but also supporting a wonderful cause. Each €120 print sold sponsors one dog for a year at Association for Abandoned Animals, aiding their noble mission.

The Artist

Introducing Miloman, the free-spirited art character created from doodles in 2020. Miloman is the pseudonym of contemporary artist, Claude Camilleri, who stated “What initially started from doodles is now blossoming into an internationally recognized brand, thanks to the unwavering support of beloved friends and superfans.

Miloman’s art speaks a universal language, it’s simple. Its POP. It’s accessible to people of all ages. With a mission to create and collaborate on awe-inspiring art in various mediums and forms, Miloman seeks to inspire creatives from all walks of life and is committed to giving back to the community.

The incredible journey of Miloman has already garnered noteworthy attention in publications such as Money Magazine and online with Underground Sound, and Lovin Malta. Miloman has collaborated with renowned hat designer Plaum from The Netherlands, the incredibly talented violinist Benji Cetin for an animation project, as well as early drawings with the ingenious artist and poet, Carl Consiglio from Malta.

With invitations commencing overseas and international representation on the horizon, Miloman is ready to POP new spaces, spreading joy and inspiration wherever he goes. Find Miloman art and socials:

The Art

Buying this art will help save abandoned animals. Together, we can make the world a better place.

Proof of Impact
with every Purchase