The Mission

Mission of Love (Voluntary Organisation: VO 1750) was set up in 1992 to help children in need. They bought a plot of land in The Philippines and built a school in 1997 that today educates 300 students where many are sponsored. Mission of Love runs a powerful “Sponsor a Child” programme that literally changes lives. €25/month covers food and education for the child that you sponsor. There is also a medical and emergency fund. However, cost of living is increasing and not everyone there is blessed enough to have a sponsor.

In February – March 2020, Patrick and Maria O’Cock (Mission of Love), Christian Palmer (Artist) and his family, Josh O’Cock and Georgia Reed (We Art Love) along with 9 of their awesome friends visited the Mission of Love in Boracay, Philippines. The team were there to share love and help out wherever possible.

We Art Love exists to raise awareness and financial support at scale using digital channels and eCommerce. Our first project is Ati Hearts, in collaboration with artist Christian Palmer. All proceeds from every piece of art purchased go directly into the Health, Nutrition and Education accounts through The Mission of Love.

The Artist

“Christian Palmer is a Byron Bay-based artist from London whose work is a collision between the confines of an establishment fine art background (Central Saint Martins, London) and the pull of the urban contemporary street art movement with its unrestricted communication and interaction through public spaces. Palmer’s rise in the global urban art scene kicked off following group exhibitions with street artists including Banksy and T.WAT to name just a few. His work is now exhibited Globally.”

Lee Steer, Redsea Gallery

Christian Palmer landed in Boracay on a mission – with the ambition to create beautiful art with the help of hundreds of children in Ati Village. Christian took all the little individual hearts back to his studio in Byron Bay and skillfully crafted these 3 masterpieces. This powerful triptych has been named Ati Hearts.

Prints of these originals are now available for online purchase and worldwide distribution.

The Vision

Josh O’Cock runs a digital marketing agency and has worked with businesses across the world. He was determined to do something more than sponsoring 2 kids out there, something digital and online that could provide scalable value.

The result (after a year of planning and a mission trip to Boracay) is the We Art Love platform, combining Art and eCommerce to raise awareness and donations on a global scale.

The short term goal is to raise €100,000 for Mission of Love. The long term vision is to scale the We Art Love digital infrastructure to become a platform for other visionaries and artists to give love and much-needed funds to those in need.

Together, we can change the world.

Little Hearts Painted by the Ati Tribe
Colourway Edition Prints by Christian Palmer
World to make a Better Place