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Art with a Purpose

Let’s make the world a better place, together.


Proof of Impact
with every Purchase


We Art Love combines art and giving with the vision of making a difference in the world. Each piece of art has a purpose and each sale results in a donation to a cause close to the artists’ hearts.

The idea was conceived as an awakening dream that came to Josh in 2019, which he quickly sketched out on his notepad. After a year of planning and a mission trip to Boracay, We Art Love was founded by Georgia & Josh with its first project, Ati Hearts.


Ati Hearts is devoted towards helping the children of the Ati Tribe in Boracay through Mission of Love. The founders and the artist donate 100% of the income generated to this cause and will continue to do so forever.

The We Art Love team are passionate about making a difference. They realised that by expanding the We Art Love platform, they can make an even bigger impact on making the world a better place.


The We Art Love infrastructure has been opened up to empower other visionaries and artists to raise awareness and funds for causes they are passionate about while also getting paid for their work.

The model is transparent and scalable. Income generated for each order is split equally in 3 ways and shared between the artist, their cause of choice and the platform. Proof of this is provided with every purchase. Get in touch to be part of this vision.