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We Art Love exists to raise awareness and financial support at scale. The first We Art Love project is Ati Hearts, with internationally-renowned artist Christian Palmer who’s concept is all about unity. The Ati children created their own individual little hearts from which the artist created 3 big heart collages reflecting the love within the community. This wonderful collection is now available for online purchase as prints. All proceeds from every piece of art purchased go directly into providing Healthcare, Nutrition and Education to children in need through Mission of Love.

Mission of Love (Voluntary Organisation: VO 1750) was set up in 1992 and runs a powerful sponsorship programme that literally saves lives. €25/month covers food and education for the child that you sponsor. There is a separate fund for medical bills and emergencies. Cost of living is increasing and not everyone there is blessed with a sponsor. Watch the video documentary to get a feel for the mission and this project.

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Ati Hearts

There are 3 colourway editions of the Ati Heart, each with a different focus – health, nutrition and education. All the money made from every single purchase goes directly towards caring for, feeding and educating children in the Ati Tribe. It’s astonishing how much positive change you will have on their lives!

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The Ati Hearts in the making, and in action.

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Provide up to 8 months of healthcare, food or education for children in need with every print you purchase.